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800 Service

The 800 service is pre-paid.  You must always have an available balance to use the 800 service.  After the first bill arrives you pay the amount due on the bill plus an additional amount to be used towards your 800 service.  We recommend at least $10 above the bill amount.

800 Service is available on any Universal Number Type Service.  You pick the type of Universal Service you would like: basic, basic plus, business, fax, email, etc.  and select 800 service from the signup.

Select by areacode and choose either 800, 888, 877, 866, etc.  Click submit, OR
Select by location and choose Toll Free to see all available 800 service type numbers.

Then, select the type of Universal Number service you would like:

Select the Toll free / 800 number from the list provided.

You will receive your password in your E-Mail box.  You may then go to and select billing.  Put all ten digits of your 800 number and your password then click get bill:

When the bill displays, select pay here using credit card and apply payments to your account.

You must always have an available balance in your account before your 800 service will work.

The 800 service inbound minutes are
billed at 8 cents per minute

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